List of normal documents required for export consignments:

  • Invoice (9 Copies)
  • Packing List (9 Copies)
  • Copy Of Letter Of Credit/Order/Contract
  • Correspondence Leading To Export Of Consignment.
  • Export Declarations.
  • Gr Form In Duplicate Duly Filled And Signed Under Your Rubber Stamp.
  • Freight Certificate Duly Signed Under Your Rubber Stamp.
  • Permanent Income Tax Number.
  • Importer/Exporter Code No. Given By Jt.C.C.I.&E/D.G.F.T.
  • Forwarding Instructions As Per Attached Form.
  • E.I.A. Certificate/Quota Certificate Etc.,(Wherever Applicable)

Assitional Documents Required For Export Under D.E.E.C or D.E.P.B.

  • Proforma Invoice (2 copies).
  • D.E.E.C/D.E.P.B. Book or its Application together with the receipt in duplicate whichever is applicable.
  • Declarations.

Additional Documents Required For Export Under Claim For Drawback.

  • Drawback claim copy of the S/B duly signed on the reverse of the same on the revenue stamp under your rubber stamp.
  • Name, Address and A/c. No., of your bankers where drawback amount is to be credited.
  • Drawback Serial No.
  • If in case shipment by Merchant Exporter name and address of Manufacturer’s to be included on Invoice and certificate issued by Central Department to the manufacturer stating that Modvat have been availed by them for the quantity sold to the exporter.

Additional Documents Required For Export From Mumbai

  • E.D.I Number allotted by Mumbai Customs. In case the same is not taken from Customs registration will have to be done prior to export.
  • N- Form and under taking for the same duly signed under your rubber Stamp.
  • In case there are any specific requirements the same may be intimated to us when sending the documents for shipment like palletisation, fumigation Phytosanitory, SGS, Commission to be declared on GR etc.


  • Import/Export Code No. given by Jt. CCI & E. / D.G.F.T.
  • Permanent Income Tax A/c. No. allotted to importer.
  • Signed copy of Invoice.
  • Signed copy of Packing List.
  • Bill of Lading/Airway bill.
  • Insurance memo/policy.
  • Import License/C.C.P with letter of Transfer/letter of a authority etc. Incase the license is attached to any other B/E, a Photocopy of the same can be submitted for processing the documents, Original License will however be required for release of the consignments. OR O.G.L declaration giving appendix/List/Sr.No with copy of Industrial
  • License/SSI Registration Certificate. (English Translation required when Certificate is not in English).
  • Set of Importer’s Declarations and GATT declarations signed under your rubber stamp.
  • Certificate of Origin.
  • Literature/ Certificate of Analysis/ Catalogue/ Write up.
  • Order/Order Confirmation.
  • No Commission Declaration.When cargo is in bags or drums packing material declaration as per P.N.99/90.
  • Freight memo with Bank Freight Certificate, where freight is payable in India.
  • Bank Draft/Letter of Credit.
  • Original documents duly endorsed in your favor by your Bankers and in turn endorsed by you under your rubber stamp in our favor. Invoice duly attested by Bank should also be sent. OR Letter of authority authorizing us to collect Delivery order on your letter Head (in 3 copies) with Bank Delivery order on bank’s letterhead (consignment by Air) along with Bank attested Invoice.
  • In addition to the above following documents where applicable should also be sent to us:
  • Original D.E.E.C./ D.E.P.B. together with relevant Declarations.
  • 18a. Concessional duty certificate (issued by DGTD or any sponsoring Authority )
  • Adhoc exemption certificate with the end-use bond.
  • N.Form and Undertaking (in case of clearance at Mumbai.)
  • In addition where cargo is to be bonded Warehouse Outside Bombay.
  • Double-Duty bond.
  • Transit bond.
  • Space availability Certificate from Warehousing Authority.
  • N.O.C. from Customs/Central Excise.
  • Insurance policy for duty amount favoring Commissioner of Customs covering Transit from Bombay Customs to Public Bonded Warehouse.
  • It is advisable that you obtain a re-warehousing certificate from proper authority for submission to Bombay Customs for cancellation of bond by you. Please advise us in advance whether the consignments to be cleared are for Home consumption or to be bonded.
  • Kindly advise us the name of the Transporter through whom the consignment is to be dispatched on clearance as also the address where the cargo is to be delivered.